Need to beat the summer heat? This beautiful emerald green swimming hole is just an easy hike away.

Rattlesnake Pool and Flume in Stow, Maine has become a popular summer spot to cool off. The hike on the Stone House Property is easy, with only slight elevation changes. The trail is well traveled and marked, but hikers should choose appropriate footwear for the terrain. Rattlesnake Flume is the first destination you'll arrive at. The gorge is 15-feet deep, featuring a mix of shallow and deep pools, as well as a small waterfall. After, continue up the trail to Rattlesnake Pool. The pool is about 18-feet deep and a beautiful shade of emerald green. The water is breathtakingly cold, literally. After a dip in the pool, the trail continues up Blueberry Mountain. Near the summit the trail gets steep, but it's worth the extra effort. From the top, it's mountains as far as the eye can see. It would make for a beautiful fall foliage peeping location.

How To Get There:

Folks from the Bangor area will have about a three hour road trip through western Maine and White Mountains National Forest to reach the trailhead. Here's how to get there from Bangor.

The Hike:

  • From the trailhead, walk down the dirt road 1/4 of a mile.
  • At the Stone House Trail sign, Rattlesnake Flume is about .3 miles.
  • You'll arrive at a trail fork. To the right is Rattlesnake Flume. Walk across the footbridge to descend into the gorge.
  • After, return to the trail fork, and continue up the trail .3 miles to Rattlesnake Pool. The trail is marked with signs.
  • After the pool, continue to follow the trail up Blueberry Mountain. The trail becomes moderate in difficulty, with steep sections near the summit.

Additional Info:

  • There's no fee to enjoy the trail system.
  • No hunting is allowed on the property.
  • No camping is allowed on the property.
  • Dogs are welcome on the trails.
  • The area is black bear country. Be bear aware.
  • The Stone House Property features some great additional hikes. The Shell Pond loop trail takes hikers around Shell Pond, where you may see a moose munching weeds in the pond.

Wolfe In The Wild Pro Tips:

  • Hiking down into the pool is very steep, so use cation going up and down.
  • As previously mentioned, Rattlesnake Pool is about 18 feet deep. It's deceiving as the water is crystal clear. Small children should wear life jackets for safety.
  • The spring-fed brook that flows into the pool is VERY cold.
  • The waterfall into the pool is a fun natural waterslide, give it a go.
  • Blueberry Mountain is properly named as it features many blueberry plants along the trail. You're welcome to pick some.
  • It's not recommended to swim in Shell Pond, as it's full of leaches.

Keep this trail system and pool beautiful and carry out ALL trash and waste.

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