Of course, most people would be pretty excited to wake-up Christmas morning and find something from Springer's under the tree but the coolest piece they've ever released would probably already be hung with care.

Every year near the holidays, Springer's makes a new Maine-themed ornament but whomever was behind the concept of 2018's piece just took the cake! And it's only $30!

The State Theatre in Portland was built on November 8th, 1929, according to cinematreasures.com. Side note, that means next year will be the 90-year anniversary of the building of the State!

Springer's Jewelers
Springer's Jewelers

When it was originally constructed, the State played mostly motion pictures and children's matinees that cost from 10-25 cents. Later, it added more theatrical performances until hard times came to a head in the 60s and it became an adult movie theatre to survive and continued to be so until the 90s, according to cinematreasures.com.

According to that same page, the hardship continued throughout the 90s until ownership switched hands and became the venue that I knew as a teen in the 2000s.

I remember the news of the State being shut down in '06 and hoping it wasn't for good, and after four long years, it reopened as the State Theatre we know today!

Personally I give choice a A+ and maybe next year we'll be lucky enough to get one of AURA-- or One City Center or the WCYY studio! So, that last one's a long shot but, who knows?

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