What to do when your store is celebrating 10 years in business? Well, dish out FREE Ice Cream of course!

According to their Facebook page, Sheepscot General Store is throwing a 10 year anniversary bash this Saturday, June 19th from 3pm to 6pm, and yes FREE Ice Cream for everyone and all the toppings too!

Now for those that recall it was just about 10 years ago that Sheepscot General Store had an ice cream social to celebrate the grand opening of the store. So they said why not do it again?

Anyone that stops by the Sheepscot General Store, located at 98 Townhouse Road will also be treated to games, and fun, and music by Red Bird, Bertie Koller and Army of Astronauts.

So put it in your phone, this Saturday, June 19th, 3-6pm at the Sheepscot General Store.

Click Here for more information from the store website.


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