What kind of pizza could get so many shares and clicks, that the post was taken off Facebook?

Why that's a fried pickle pizza with ranch dressing from Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub.

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub

Yes. A fried pickle pizza is the hottest thing going right now at Fairgrounds in Cornish. They use ranch dressing as a base, then add cheese and fried pickles. When they posted a picture on Facebook, it exploded! It got over a million views and thousands of shares! It was too much!

Chris, one of the owners said,

...after the post reached 1 million people and we were getting messages from Alaska, Ohio, Chicago and many other states, I deleted the post. It was scary that it went so viral in one day.

This fried pickle pizza took over as the most requested pizza. It replaced the crab rangoon pizza! That's right...crab rangoon!

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub

What's a crab rangoon pizza? Well, it's crab, cream cheese, scallions , seasoning all mixed in and spread on homemade dough , drizzled with a sweet Thai chili sauce!

Put Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub on your to do list for 2020!