Would it be a stay of execution for a lobster that looks dressed up for the Halloween holiday? I know that sentence is a lot, but it will make sense.

Yellow & Black Lobster

@jacob__knowles Lets find this guy a home! The cool colored lobsters have been abundant this year! #maine #lobster #lobsterfishing #fy #fyp #ocean #lobstertok #207 #mainecheck #gulfofmaine #seacreatures #interesting #sealife #oceans #oceanlife #fishing #rare #rarecatch #rarefind #coolcatch #cool #halloween #halloweencostume #costume ♬ original sound - Jacob Knowles

This video was posted by Jacob Knowles, a fifth-generation lobsterman here in Maine. Jake posted the video on his TikTok page, and it blew up. The extremely unique-looking lobster is actually spotted yellow. However, you could tell me it was orange and black, and I'd believe you. It is the perfect lobster hue for season.

Rare Calico Lobster

Jacob explains that lobster do come in all sorts of colors, but some are certainly rarer than others. And if this little guy is a true calico, it's quite the catch. According to capradio.org, a calico lobster could be a 1 and 30 million find. That's simply staggering to comprehend. 

With it being such a unique catch, Jacob put the word out to organizations to see if there was interest in adopting the cute crustacean. He kept it, explaining that it was of the right size and male. Plus, if he didn't keep it, someone else will.

Seacoast Science Center

Some time passed with no word. However, the lobster would get the last-minute clemency form a science center in New Hampshire.

@jacob__knowles Replying to @2katlady No response from NOAA yet. But to be fair, as some have pointed out. NOAA is a large government agancy and a response could understandably take some time. I couldn’t hold the lobster much longer without any kind of response though. Luckily Rye science center reached out and said they have room for him! Big thanks to Jerrid for making this happen! I am more than willing to donate future lobsters to NOAA and would be happy to collab with them. I think it would be a great collab that could raise awareness and educate everyone on the Maine lobster fishery and right whales. #lobstertok #lobster #coolcatch #ocean #interesting #maine #lobsterfishing #fy #fyp #207 #mainecheck #gulfofmaine #seacreatures #rare #rarefind #rarecatch #sealife ♬ original sound - Jacob Knowles

What a happy ending to the story of this calico crustacean. And if you are interested in seeing this beautiful creature in person, go check out the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH.

Happy Halloween to you all, and to all you calico lobsters.

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