This is the 5th, wait...6th I think, maybe, yes 6th year for the annual "Twisted Roots Night" on Spinout tonight. Hope you can check it out or the re-cast Sunday at 8pm. For now, check out this cool stuff here...  


The last week of every June for the past half dozen years Spinout has honored Maine's greatest hard rock band of all time, Twisted Roots. Yes it's July we know, sorry, but we're ready this week! Pete Giordano, lead singer of Twisted Roots is with me for this year's tribute tonight on Spinout and I couldn't be happier.

Ask ANY local rock/hard rock musician who the king of hard rock vocals is STILL to this day. If they know their stuff at all, they all will say Pete Giordano. Ask Tony MacNaboe of Rustic Overtones, Walt Craven of 6Gig/Gouds Thumb, Mark Belanger of Pigboat, Ricky Boy of The Horror or Kevin Kennie of Headstart (the list goes on, trust me). They all will say Pete's name in record speed. He has something special in his voice, in his soul and spirit that many singers will never have. We're lucky we've had that specialness around us in Maine for 25 years now.

Twisted Roots back in the day. Neil, Adam, Sonny, producer Lance Vardis and Pete.

I believe that with their show at the State Thearre on April 7, 1994 the local music scene as we know it today was truly born. They had it all going on then at that time; airplay, magazines, tv, music selling HUGE at bull moose, indie record deal.. shoot, even Sonny had his own drum kit back then! I think...

Anyways, after that show this scene HAPPENED. Twisted Roots set it off that night and it's never been the same. Then everyone got some: Car, Rotors to Rust, Rustic, Tripe, Twitchboy, Uncle Jack, Goud's Thumb, Headstart, 6Gig, Colepitz, Jeremiah Freed and so on and so forth. You know the history.

From Zootz to T-Birds, from the Garage out on Forest Avenue to the Armory up in Lewiston to Bangor and all points in between; Roots was everywhere doing it all in every way and along the way opened doors for bands and artists that never existed before. They proved this local music scene was real, it was hungry, it was damn good enough/sometimes better than and that we the people wanted it and wanted to grow it with them. Twisted Roots did that.

If you miss Spinout tonight, check out the rebroadcast on Sunday with Pete and I. We'll talk shop, play some Roots classics and some live music from that show in 1994 at the State. For now, watch these cool visuals from over the years.





12 SKIES FIRE AND THE BLACK (opening for Ozzy at the Civic Center. Quality is sketch but dude... they're playing with Ozzy.. at the Civic Center! Killer!)