I think it's appropriate to say this was a radio show unlike any other.

Yeah, we've played old-school songs before and we always love celebrating the early days of Metallica, but on the latest edition of The Ultimate Metallica Show, we pulled out all the stops. We threw up our horns in honor of the late, incredible Jonny and Marsha Zazula, the two legends who heard Metallica's demo tape, No Life 'Til Leather, and knew they were listening to something special.

After hearing the demo, they founded Megaforce Records. They released Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning.

And they changed heavy metal—truly, all of rock and roll—forever.

We weren't the only ones celebrating the Zazulas and Megaforce this weekend. Sunday night, Metallica put on an incredible concert in Florida in tribute to Jonny Z and Marsha, too. New Wave of British Heavy Metal rockers Raven opened the show, just like they did when they opened for Metallica in the early-'80s, and Metallica tore through 16 songs from their early days. You can read our full recap here and check out some photos and videos from the show on the Ultimate Metallica Instagram.

During The Ultimate Metallica Show, I played a couple of clips from Jonny Z as well as a clip from Metal Maria Ferrero, the first employee of Megaforce. If you missed the show, you can hear those clips, as well as see the full playlist, below.

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 1

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 2

Jonny Z on the Early Days of Metallica

Jonny Z on hearing No Life 'Til Leather

Metal Maria Ferrero on Seeing Cliff Burton Perform "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth" Live

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