Served across Maine at cookouts and bean suppers, American chop suey is a New England favorite that has spanned countless generations. For most, it's a quick and simple dish, combining ground beef, elbow macaroni, onions and peppers and pasta sauce. It can work well as a side dish at a cookout, or as a full blown meal on a lazy evening. BUT, when digging for the origins of American chop suey, we stumbled across this from Wikipedia:

"American chop suey[8] is served on a plate or in a bowl, usually accompanied by bread and often Worcestershire sauce. "

Whoa whoa, Worcestershire sauce on American chop suey? Blasphemy! At least from all of the recipes we've encountered passed down by families across the state of Maine. But perhaps we need to open our mind a little. Does this happen in YOUR family? Does YOUR recipe include using Worcestershire sauce for this New England staple?

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