A case of road rage was captured on dashcam on a busy stretch of road in Downeast Maine.

A dashcam video shared on Facebook recently shows a case of aggressive driving that nearly resulted in a collision. The incident started near the intersection of Route 3 and 230.

Although we don't know what lead-up to the incident, the video shows a truck appearing to cut off a silver-colored vehicle as the road merges into one lane. The silver vehicle then attempts to pass the truck, despite the area being a no-passing zone.

While attempting the pass, the silver vehicle nearly side-swipes the truck as it moves back into the lane. The silver vehicle is nearly struck head-on by an oncoming camper. For a moment both the truck and silver vehicle drive side by side in the same lane to avoid oncoming traffic. After, the truck speeds down the breakdown lane, passing vehicles on the right.

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The stretch of road between Bangor and Bar Harbor is notoriously dangerous, especially with summer traffic congestion, and examples of this kind of driving.

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