I came across a wonderfully twisted Made in Maine music video yesterday and had to make sure you see it too! 

Coast City Comics YouTube

The music is performed by Portland's award-winning "Gutter Punk" legends, Covered in Bees. The song was included on a release a few years back called 24 Hour Album. Yes, the band recorded it in a days time, no small feat. This video was shot and edited in 24 hours as well. It was shot and edited by local filmmaker, Barry Dodd. Barry has also had award-winning success with his internet horror TV series, Ragged Isle.  Starring in the Hobbits video is local drummer, Adam Cogswell of Confusatron and Mallett Brothers fame. He shows off some pretty sweet moves as a skateboarding wizard in the Maine Woods. By the end of the video I'm pretty sure you'll agree if you don't already, Hobbits F-in' Rule and so does the creative community of Portand, Maine! Wicked fun, guy! BTW, This is probably NSFW.