After the Patriots celebratory parade in Boston, an ambulance was stuck in the Boston common, unable to get any traction under its tires.

Pats fans leaving the parade route saw the ambulance in trouble and immediately sprang into action, bonding together as a mass and pushing the ambulance forward, escaping the muddy ditch.

Watch the video from Boston 25 News, taken from a drone above the scene. You can see exhaust billowing out of the ambulance as it loses traction and slips into the mushy thawed ground. When the fans surround the back of the ambulance and start pushing, it doesn't take long for it to gain purchase and escape its slushy fate.

Another video (with a bit crasser language) was posted by a Redditor who was on the common:

Pats fans band together in cheering, parades, and pushing ambulances out of ditches, apparently. Winners left and right! And a little extra "oomph" from those 11am beers, no doubt. Go Pats!

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