With all the snow, ice and rain we've had in Maine recently there's a lot of sand and salt that have been put down on roads and sidewalks to keep people from slipping. You wouldn't go walking out on all that mess without shoes would you? Neither should dogs, that's why the Portland Police Department got the canine officers new winter boots to protect their paw while out on patrol. Unlike humans though, they need two pairs.

According to veterinarian Erika Loftin in an interview with TheDodo.com, road salt and sand can seriously irritate a dog's paws, even going so far as to cause burning on their pads. So these new boots will be a big help as K-9's Barni and Trixie patrol the streets of Portland. However, it takes a little getting use to walking in them.

This video shows Barni and Trixie trying their new boots out and they do a pretty good job, but it's a little like learning to walk all over again.

All it takes is more practice and they'll be pros in no time.

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