Listen, we're not trying to dash anyone's dreams or beliefs or thoughts that there may be some incredible undiscovered monster floating in the Penobscot River here in Maine. But, at first glance, this really looks like a tree just floating along slowly in the river to us.

Anyway, this...interesting video was shared on YouTube by Alain Ducas. According to, Ducas was staying at Hollywood Casino Hotel with a room overlooking the Penobscot River. There he spotted what he thought could be some sort of river monster similar to the infamous Nessie from overseas.

The comments on his YouTube video didn't exactly share his passion that this was a majestic beast. Several people noted that this type of scenery is common along the Penobscot and that it's definitely a tree. Like we said, we're not here to put a damper on anyone's hopes and dreams, so if Alain wants to believe, we encourage him to do so.

What do you think? Is this Maine's version of the Loch Ness Monster? Or just another dead tree floating to its final resting place?

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