This is Hershel Rosenblum. Hershel lives at Willard Beach in South Portland with a pug named Olive . Hershel is a very talented kitty. The other day, a ukulele was placed in front of him. Hershel discovered that if you scratch at the strings on a ukulele, you make happy music. Not only is Hershel wicked charming with his Grumpy Cat face, he's also got some innate musical skills!

A couple days after his introduction to the ukulele, he returns for more. This time Hershel uses both front paws together. He recently suffered a broken leg and was laid up for a while. Maybe he was better able to find his artistic talent while laying low and convalescing. And that face, OMG! This fur buddy is a star!

According to the makers of this video, no catnip was used to attract Hershel to the ukulele. He just wants to make music!