You gotta give it to the guy in charge of the video board at San Deigo's Petco Park for pulling off this brilliant Rick Roll.

On Sunday, the Red Sox were in San Diego to take on the Padres and with many road games for the Sox there were plenty of Boston fans in the stands. Maybe it's because it's a lot cheaper and easier to see the Red Sox play on the road than at Fenway where every game is a sellout.

Between innings, the video guy put up a sing-a-long to "Sweet Caroline," a song traditionally played between inning at Fenway and also in Portland at Hadlock Field with the Sea Dogs.

As the song started and people began singing along, shots of Red Sox fans dressed in Red Sox gear were put up on the video board right up until the chorus, where it switched to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," then began showing Padres fans.

By the way, the Padres ended up beating the Red Sox, 3-1 after losing the first two games of the three game series.

Stay classy San Diego.

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