It was very strange driving south on 95 en route to Hampton Beach with my headlights on. Typically the sun is still shining and I'm still in shorts. It was also quite weird to see the lively summer town so quiet while walking the streets. It gave us the inclination that the show was going to be lightly attended. We walked in to the Casino Ballroom and it was packed...probably a sold out show, or close to it.

Stephen Jenkins and the band played for over 90 minutes. We got songs from the new album "Dopamine", which I recommend to 3EB fans. Also plenty of other classics from the catalog. The band sounded great and the fans were totally into it. Three or four songs in, Stephen told the crowd all of those pics and videos aren't gonna matter someday when we're all dead and to live for the moment. It was well said and it totally made sense....however, I still shot some vids and took some pics.



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