CYY Madness 2023 is underway, and it's time for the latest matchup.

Ready to vote? Think you know who will win? Here we go:

CYY Madness is back after a hiatus, and we are once again trying to decide the best band in alternative rock. Make your vote count!

Listeners can vote either on the WCYY App, or the WCYY Facebook page for their favorite band. The polls will be open each day with match-ups taking place throughout the weekday!

The championship winner will be announced on March 27.

If you need a reminder song for each of the bands (or just want to listen to some great music), check out these music videos below.




You can check out the bracket standings here:

How many correct picks have you made? Think you can guess the No. 1 act that will take the title of CYY Madness champion?

The last CYY Madness winner was 311, but can they repeat it two years later? Time will tell, and the winner will soon be revealed.

Good luck, and we'll see who is left standing when the dust settles. Fingers crossed it's the band you guessed!

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