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One of the single worst feelings in life is when you have to go and you just KNOW it can't wait. But has it ever been bad enough to take a plane down?

British Airways flight had to turn around and make an emergency landing over the weekend because someone rocked the lavatory so hard that the pilots of the plane decided it would be a legit health hazard for people to continue inhaling the toxicity. Check out the entire story here courtesy of the Huffington Post.

HOT TAKE: Any dude that takes down an entire flight based on a stinky dump wins all the dude points that were available this weekend. Imagine any convo with his bro's after this...

Bro: "Chinese food I ate last night is really leaving a trail everywhere i go"

Plane Dude: "Cool story bro, remember that time I brought down an entire flight with one dump?"

Bro: "You win again"

This guy has to be given a legendary nickname NOW. When a country's politician has totweet out your bathroom dominance, you should be scribed into the record books. The Sultan of Stench. The First in Fecal Flight.

BUT....what if it was a lady?