Grossing more than $500 million dollars at the box office, it may come as a surprise that these two Hollywood hits were shot right here in Maine. 

For most people from Maine, we probably associate movies shot in Maine with Stephen King books. It's fair, the master of horror uses his home state as inspiration often. But you may be truly surprised to find that two major Hollywood hits spent time filming their movies right here in Maine (whether the movie was actually "set" here or not).


It's getting a full blown remake starring the Rock, but the original Jumanji shot a large portion of the movie in Maine. The scenes in the shoe factory were shot in North Berwick at the 1861 Olde Wooden Mill. Additional scenes were shot in Kennebunk. The movie was a success at the box office, raking in $263 million in receipts.

Check out this video from Jordan McGee in which he tours the location of scenes from Jumanji in North Berwick. Pretty cool!


But the movie that made the most that was shot in Maine? CASPER. Once a beloved children's cartoon, when Hollywood decided to make a "live-action" version, they came to Maine to do it. Specifically Camden even though the movie itself was set in Friendship. Casper made more at the box office than was expected, drawing in $288 million.

Here's a classroom scene in Camden where a young Christina Ricci is pranked by Casper.

Oh, and if you want to get technical, you could. Forrest Gump had one minuscule scene shot in Port Clyde. That movie made a ridiculous $677 million at the box office.

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