The holidays can be a lonely, homesick time of year for our deployed soldiers. Consider sending a holiday care package! Wondering what troops really want in them? has some terrific suggestions:

  • Flavor! Spice packets, hot sauces and BBQ sauce add flavor to their meals.
  • Batteries
  • Baby wipes/Body wipes
  • Stuff to read; great paperback books, their local paper or magazines.
  • Foot powder!
  • Powdered drink mixes to add to water.
  • Jerky

These are just a few suggestions, so please add your own to our Facebook page. has more ideas for sending an affordable care package to troops. Start by getting a Military Care Kit from the U.S. Postal Service, they are free and contain the most requested supplies from military families. Go to for lots of information about sending packages to troops this holiday season. I was surprised to see that Beanie Babies are so requested by troops! The reason is to give them to children that they interact with. Building up goodwill is important.

Another surprise? DON'T send homemade goodies! Because of health concerns soldiers are usually told to throw away anything that has not been factory packaged. Also, keep packages small and don't send too many at the same time, it creates a log jam.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for supporting our troops. Even though it's great for our soldiers to hear from us at the holidays, they need support year round. Consider adopting a soldier to mail to once a month.

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