Now that Cowbell in Lewiston is moving out of its current location, who is going to move in? Will it be a restaurant or a business? If it is a restaurant what would we like to see?

I recently wrote an article about Cowbell relocating.

The restaurant/bar posted on Facebook,

"We have made the difficult decision to merge/relocate our Lewiston operation with our new Rock Row location in Westbrook"

With a vacancy soon to be available, Mayor Carl Sheline of Lewiston expressed interest in discovering the preferences of the community, so he posed this question on Facebook,

"What kind of restaurant would you like to see in downtown Official City of Lewiston, Maine?"

The responses varied from Mexican restaurants to Korean BBQ and even Polish food!

The nightlife scene in downtown Lewiston is flourishing and slowly evolving. Numerous bars and restaurants are popping up, contributing to the city's vibrant nightlife. In my opinion, the more, the merrier!

I personally would be happy to experience a place reminiscent of Cowbell and Sidebar.

My preference would be a restaurant and bar offering an extensive selection of drinks and menu options. The establishment could host entertaining events such as dancing, comedy shows, trivia nights, and much more. Such occasions are always incredibly enjoyable and a great addition to the nightlife.

Below is a list of various categories of eateries that could possibly move into lower Lisbon Street in Lewiston.

What Type of Restaurant Would You Like To See Move in to Downtown Lewiston?

Now that there is a vacancy in Downtown Lewiston what type of restaurant would you like to see move in?

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