Three Dollar Deweys in Portland's Old Port abruptly closed its doors on Monday. The iconic alehouse had been a staple in downtown Portland since 1980. There is now big FOR LEASE sign on the building which begs the question; What should go in the old Dewey's Space?  More retail? if so, local or maybe a chain like J Crew? How about restaurants? Is there a chain you wish we had in Portland? Is there a store somewhere else in the state that you wish were in the Old Port?


Here is one hint that Dewey's might come back as....Deweys. A note pinned to the front door said that the "family has made a decision to retire."  It also ended cryptically, saying..." family traditions have a way of continuing forward." Does this mean Deweys might reopen under new management?  We shall see.


Herb Ivy


The menu is still up. Another hint?


We will miss the beer. We will miss the people. But most of all we will miss the free popcorn!