And, importantly, what it is?  Once as numerous as IHOP's, and bus stations, now you can count them on one hand around here. Leave it to Portland to revitalize a hit!  An aid to one of the two oldest human activities, this thing-a-ma-whatzit hangs out in Portland where the sun don't shine.  But, on a clear day, the sun glints off the shiny silver parts.

OK, enough hints.  Time for you to use your skills as a traveler and locate this thing, somewhere in Portland.  Hit us up on our Facebook page at #PortlandQuest, if you think you know where it is. Be the first to identify the location and tell me what you think it is, I'll sing your praises back here, Friday, and give a shout out to your tell me where you're from, too.

Thank you for playing the game!



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