Twice per year, everyone in Maine is forced to face the dreaded changing of the clocks. In the spring, it's generally a welcomed event. In the fall, it's looked at like it's taking precious light away from our lives. So here we are again, staring at losing an hour and moving the clocks forward this weekend but there's a chance that this will be the last time anyone in Maine will ever have to think about it.

Up at five o'clock

Why? According to the Washington Post, lawmakers will hear a proposal that would eliminate moving the clocks forward or backward and just stick with one standard time for the entire year. In a congress that seems constantly divided, it appears there is bipartisan support for the proposed bill. With enough support, it could pass through Congress and be enacted before another clock change ever takes place.

If this sounds all vaguely familiar to you, you're not wrong. In 2019, Maine became one of 15 states to enact legislation to rid themselves of changing clocks and just stick with daylight savings time permanently. Unfortunately, those states, including Maine, need the federal government to get on board with the idea before that legislation truly goes into effect. It appears there's serious momentum for that to happen.

So if you're begrudging losing an hour of sleep this weekend, you may be able to rest a little easier knowing this may be the last time you'll ever have to do it again.

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