The short answer is But it probably should have an asterisk next to that answer. In case you missed it, Denny's announced plans to have a 24-hour delivery service from coast-to-coast at their restaurants. According to Nation's Restaurant News, for the launching of this new service, Denny's will offer the service in about half their restaurants.

Unfortunately, according to Denny's website, none of their Maine locations have made that 50% cut. But there is hope for the Denny's in and around Portland, Lewiston and Bangor. And that is all thanks to the existence of Uber as well as a few other independent delivery services. Why? Well..

Denny's delivery service is ultimately going to be based on subcontracting out the delivery part. Uber Rush, Postmates, and more will handle the initial delivery duties for Denny's new service and as the service expands, so will their list of potential delivery partners. Denny's has also had custom delivery boxes designed for their food, hoping to keep tasting as fresh as possible upon on delivery.

So for now, if you're really craving a Moons Over My Hammy or a Grand Slam breakfast plate, you're still going to have to make your way to the closest Denny's to you. But soon, you may be able to order from their website, their mobile app or just be sending them a direct message on Twitter. What a time to be alive.

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