Stephanie Lay told News Center Maine that she thought it was a joke. She had received 500 letters in 5 days from United Healthcare, but they were all addressed to her son, who has autism and lives in a private care facility, but when she opened them they read 'Dear Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services, in Cincinnati, Ohio', which doesn't exist.

News Center Maine reports most of the letters said the company was denying a payment of $54. Some say $0. The claims go back to 2016 however the letters didn't start showing up in her mailbox until last Thursday. On that day she got 46 letters, she told CNN.

Of course she called United Healthcare to find out what exactly was going on and they told her it was a coding issue, according to the story.

United Healthcare has since told CNN it's working to resolve the issue, but it can't provide details because of privacy requirements.

Stephanie did however get a kick out of one line printed on every single letter that urges their clients to "go paperless."

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