Hey CYY freaks! So as many of you already know, the kind folks from Bay Ferries, who operate the mind-blowingly cool ship The Cat have shipped me and several of my DJ companions up to Nova Scotia for the weekend! I'm having a blast so far, and wanted to update you on our situation:



We boarded The Cat in Portland around 2:30pm for our 5.5hr journey up to Canada. Yes, it's only 5.5hrs - that thing moves. Onboard, there's a movie theater, cafe, gift shop and bar, so between the lot of them, I was more than entertained. We had Ken from The Cat with us for most of the trip, who was kind enough to show us around.

Forchu Lounge

We set up base camp in the Forchu Lounge at the bow of the ship. Fortunately for some of my less sea-faring companions, ginger are and saltines were readily available. I enjoyed music from the band Celtic Rant, performing, as you may have guessed, celtic music. The group's mandolinist wrote a three song set for his late dog, which was fitting, seeing as Hops and Hounds was yesterday!

The CAT Bridge

My fellow DJs and I also got to go up onto the ship's bridge and meet the Captain, Matthew Burns. He explained to us how to read the ship's radar, and introduced us to the crew up top. Here's a shot of Gretchen, one of the navigators.

The crew of the CAT has actually made a few rescues under the command of Captain Burns. Monica, our guide from Bay Ferries, told us that she was once aboard the CAT, when the Captain came over the intercom and told the passengers they were going to rescue some fishermen off the cost of Maine, and to stay seated while they put the hammer down. All made it out safe and sound!


Once we arrived in Nova Scotia, our guides Monica and Calvin picked us up. We then drove about 20mins outside of Yarmouth, where The Cat docks, to a small, beautiful little inn called Ye Olde Arguyler. As a fan of fanciful language like that, and being unable to control my use of it since arriving, you know my fellow DJs are loving my company right now.

Lobster Boil - Xander Nelson

We were treated to a Nova Scotian lobster boil, where after a few minutes of fiddling with my bib, I got to enjoy one of the biggest ones I'd ever had. Here's my Instagram-worthy shot of that son-of-a-gun.



That's my adventure so far! I'll be keeping you updated as I go. Have a good weekend, CYY freaks!