Babies, am I right? There are so many babies!

Ever wondered how many little Mainers cry into the world each year? Well, according to, it's a wild mix of factors that shape those numbers.

The factors that go into determining the baby game in Maine are numerous. Population, demographics, how many lovebirds are roaming around, healthcare availability, and even culture trends. Remember when Teen Mom first aired and it seemed like their were more teen pregnancies? That's what a culture trend is.

Brace yourself for this fact: The baby-making game in Maine has been a bit different from the national average.

In 2019, according to the, we welcomed around 11,125 littles into the world. The most recent count as of 2021 is 12,001. It makes sense that we would have an increase due to culture trends and don't forget about the pandemic!

Side note: as we all know and remember, the pandemic had a side effect that was a huge baby boom! Because of all the extra time at home, it seems like "Netflix and chill" took on a whole new meaning. From 2020 to 2021 we had an increase in Maine of just under 500 births.

In addition it's interesting to see Maine's fertility rate compared to the national average.  An article published by Portland Press Herald states, "Maine's fertility rate, defined as the number of births per 1,000 women aged 15-44, rose 1.4% to 49.9, outpacing the average national growth."

And remember those numbers can and probably will go up and down like a seesaw at a playground.

The list also shows you that birth rates fluctuate between each county. For example, I live in Androscoggin county and we've had 1,121 births as of late compared to Franklin County with 227 births.

It all depends on the year and what's happening in the state. If you're curious about the master baby list in Maine, you better go check out because they are the real baby whisperers.

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