Backed up traffic, lack of parking and overcrowding have led to discussions on how to alter the way visitors experience the popular park. 

Imagine for a moment, calling a number or checking online days or weeks in advance to visit a wide expanse. That may be coming to your life very, very soon. According to the Portland Press Herald, Acadia National Park is in preliminary discussions on how to best alter overcrowding at the Maine landmark so that visitors can have the best experience possible.

In the past few years, tourism has escalated to the point where there have complaints about traffic jams, lack of parking availability as well as an overcrowding of bikers during trips to the park. Officials are now beginning to discuss the best ways to remedy those situations, including the potential of a "reservation system", in which people would lock in the exact times they plan on visiting the park.

Some of the other proposals would include restricting vehicle traffic on Park Loop Road at peak traffic time. In additional, some of the parking spots on Park Loop Road would be eliminated while parking lots would be expanded.

The National Park Service is inviting people to comment on the proposals and suggest additions or subtractions until November 30th. Any changes made by the National Park Service would no go into effect until the fall of 2018.

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