When people think back to what nightlife once was in Portland, Maine, they undeniably think about Zootz. Zootz was a dank, way too hot, oftentimes overcrowded nightclub where the people of Portland (and surrounding areas) came together to party. The club hosted tons of live bands, including Smashing Pumpkins before their big break, and was the first club in Maine to make DJs headliners. The nostalgia surrounding Zootz has never quieted around Portland and that's why the nightclub is making a comeback. For ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Port City Music Hall will host a Zootz Dance Party on Saturday, July 13th from 8pm until 2am. (Zootz was notorious for having dance parties after the bars closed) The Zootz reunion has been organized by Kris Clark, the owner and manager of Zootz back when it existed. The Zootz dance party will feature several of the original DJs that used to spin at Zootz.

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