By no means am I trying to rush summer away and lately I’ve been looking at my calendar with one eye closed, but we can’t avoid the fact that it’s almost time to start shopping for school. Whether you have kiddos who will be getting on the bus in a few weeks or you’re planning on heading back to class yourself, you’re going to need supplies.

Backpacks have been shoved away or scored new jobs being used as beach bags and when was the last time you picked up a pencil? We still have ample summer time, don’t you worry, but it is getting close to that time to start planning ahead.

Nobody likes floundering around at the last minute and making sure you have everything the day before you need it. Plus, with supply shortages, who knows what shopping is going to be like out there; it may be best to start early this year.

We all have our go-to spots for back-to-school shopping where we know where everything is and what you need but sometimes that’s just because we are creatures of habit. There are other options out there and you may find the things you need in new places.

Maine is a massive state so I’ve just pulled together a list for the Greater Portland area. Whether you’re looking for backpacks, office supplies, or clothing, there are stores on this list that will meet your needs and at an extremely fair price.

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