Fenway Park

Here's a blast from the past for all you Boston Red Sox fanatics.

This fun video is courtesy of the WGBH-TV archive. It's a fun short reel of what Fenway was like back in the early 1990s. The packed house is a '90s era dream, with neon colors, tucked in t-shirts, Canadian tuxedos, pointy hats, and plenty of sweet large-framed sunglasses.

Fenway Park in the 1990s

The early '90s were a good time to be a Sox fan. The team was competitive, Roger Clemons was striking out everyone, Mo Vaughn was hitting everything in sight, and there probably wasn't a drink maximum.

It was also completely different than it is now. I mean, this looks like another world or dimension.

First thing that stands out is the very naked Green Monster. No stands, no advertisements, just a bunch of netting and a scoreboard. It's actually quite nice to see the wall in such an innocent light. I forgot how formidable it was all by itself.  It's much easier to picture the vast history of the wall, with it in this state.

It's also interesting to see how marketing has changed in 30+ years. Very noticeable is the lack of Red Sox apparel being worn in the crowd. There's a few shirts and hats scattered around, but, it's completely different, considering the state of today's fan. Now, it's jerseys, sherseys, hats, dresses, blankets, koozies, sunglasses, and socks, all branded, and all worn by everyone at every game.

Sadly, I couldn't hear the cost of the hot dog and ice cream vender's product. I would have loved to hear those prices, considering I think a Fenway Frank today costs $24 (this is probably an exaggeration), and your firstborn child.

I highly suggest giving WGBH-TV a follow on Facebook. They have a tremendous archive of Boston videos. It's quite a nostalgic site.

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