Ever since The Maine Flag Company in Portland started re-producing a little know Maine State Flag from the early 1900s, there's been buzz in Maine about changing our official state flag back to the previous flag. Here are 3 reasons I think this is ridiculous.

There's a bill proposed in August to change the current Maine State flag to the previous one. This is the current flag.

State of Maine

And this is a reproduction of the flag used from 1901 to 1909 that the new bill seeks to switch to.

Courtesy of Maine Flag Company

So here are the three reasons switching to this flag isn't a good idea.

1. It Look Like It Was Designed By a Child

Nothing against children's artwork, but anyone can draw this flag on a piece of paper in less than 60 seconds. What other state flags do you know that that can be done with. Well there's Alabama's:

That's it. Every other state flag is more detailed than this. Maine would have the most boring flag in the country. How good could it be when the state used it for less than a decade? It's even worse than South Carolina's which it appears we ripped off all those years ago.

2. No One Would Know It's the Maine State Flag

Here's a test. Without Googling it, do you know what state flag this is?

I'm going to guess you probably don't and that's because there is absolutely nothing significant to anyone else in the world about it. Nothing says this is Alaska's flag. Nothing. The same with the old Maine State flag. No one outside of maybe New England would know a tree and a star are Maine's flag. However, show the current flag that has the word Maine on it, and they'll probably figure it out.

3. We've Got More Important Things To Deal With in Augusta Than Changing The State Flag

Seriously Augusta. What is with you guys lately? Bills to decide which chickadee should be the official state bird, moving Maine to the Atlantic time zone, and changing the official state slogan to Staycationland instead of Vacationland? Why are we trying to mess with everything that is Maine when there are so many other pressing issues that need to be dealt with that most Mainers actually care about. Stop it.

What do you think? Should Maine keep the current flag or go back to the one from 1901?