I assume most of you CYY freaks already know that I'm taking a sweet little mini-vacation this weekend to the great white north. Nova Scotia, to be specific! Many thanks to the good people on The Cat for having me. I'll be doing a travel log while I'm there, and I'll be updating you all on my adventures on the Monday edition of the WCYY Morning Show.

First and foremost, being something of a space geek (if marathoning the Cosmos counts), this is something I'm really interested in. Getting a peek at the planets through a bona-fide telescope would be cool for anyone, though. Especially interesting about this place is that it's run by a man named Tim Doucette, who surprisingly is legally blind. I'll report back on how exactly that works.


Another thing I'm excited to do is check out the Tusket Islands, off the coast of Nova Scotia's southernmost point. These picturesque islands, a major lobstering spot for Nova Scotians, embody most Mainers' idea of Canada - remote, and beautiful because of it.


It'll be my first time on the Cat - I haven't been to Nova Scotia since the Scotia Prince was still around. It'll be my first time that I'll be old enough to drink, as well - something I'll be making use of at the Cat's Forchu Lounge. The Cat also has a freaking movie theater on board, so I'll be more than comfortable on my trip there.

I'll check back in with you guys on Monday morning! Have a good weekend!

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