Violence and cruelty towards pets is something that has always hit me hard. Feelings of sadness, confusion, and anger set in. You immediately start wondering the obvious question: "How and why would someone put an innocent, defenseless animal in a traumatizing and life-threatening situation?"

In a chilling display of heartlessness, the person involved in a sickening act of animal cruelty has been charged. According to News Center Maine, the incident took place in the parking lot of Bonny Eagle High School on May 18, and has shaken the community to its core.

After responding to a call, officers discovered a six-month-old kitten confined within a plastic tote with the lid shut, sealing off any hope of escape. A tiny, defenseless creature, cold and trembling with fear. Again, why?

News Center Maine also stated that the kitten was rushed to a local vet, but due to the condition it was in, there was no hope of survival, and it had to be euthanized.

With a good description of the vehicle and the suspect, the police and the community were confident that they would find the person responsible. It appears that turned out to be the case, and justice may be served. According to WGME, 37-year-old Shane T. Wescott of Standish has been charged with a misdemeanor Class D crime, and has a court date scheduled for July 16.

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