Every state has rules and laws, that is just a fact. However, locals always know some other "rules" that may not legally be enforced but are honored by other residents.

Still being new to Maine, I am not even close to knowing all the unwritten rules (or lets be real, even all the enforced laws) in Maine. So, what did I do?

I asked Mainers what are some of the unwritten rules in Maine, and the results are in.

Thanks to the unwritten laws of Maine, I have come to learn that I will never be an official Mainer, since I was not born and raised in the state, but I should still follow all the unwritten laws that Maine has.

It seems that Mainers have many unwritten rules, and one of the big ones is just to be nice. If you reside in Maine, you should wave to all fellow Mainers (it doesn't matter if you are driving or walking). Residents should be neighborly, by this I mean help each other and share.

Of course, not every unwritten rule is about being nice to others. Like normal laws and rules, there are unwritten rules on the road and just for when you are driving in general. There may even be some unwritten rules that you do not know, such as not taking pictures of a lobsterman at work. There even seems to be unwritten rules on what and how to eat specific foods, what to keep in your car, and how to measure distance.

Think you know all the unwritten rules in Maine? Well luckily, I have them all for you (so, I guess they are written now).

30 Unwritten Rules in Maine

Every state has rules and laws, however there are unwritten rules that we all learn to abide by. Maine is no exception to having unwritten rules that residents should follow. 

Maine Rules of The Road

As of late, we have seen an increased amount of accidents and fenders benders due to distracted driving. Here is what you can and can not do while driving in Maine. 

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