311 posted a nice thank you today to all you CYY listeners who brought them to victory in this year's CYY Madness tournament.

We saw this on the band's Facebook page and to make sure you saw it. Very cool!

"Wow! Thanks WCYY listeners, we’re stoked, honored & humbled. Hope to see you soon again

Are these guys awesome or what? Maine certainly is 311 Country.

This was a huge victory for the band as they had to get through some pretty incredible bands to take the CYY Madness Crown. 311 beat- The Offspring, Godsmack, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, and Soundgarden. That's some tough competition, but we're not really too surprised. You Maine 311 fans have always come out big for the band-whether it's been to the 8 concerts the band has done for us over the years or voting for them in a huge way for all our annual CYY Madness tournaments.


311's first show in Maine was way back in 1997 in Old Orchard Beach. Since then they've played the State Theatre twice, the Cumberland County Civic Center (Cross Insurance Arena) three times, and the Maine State Pier twice. We can't wait to get them back when all of this crazy COVID stuff is over!



Congrats to the 311 on their big win. In case you want to look back at all the CYY Madness Tournament Results


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