With all due respect to my vegetarian friends out there, this one isn't for you.

BBQ is one of the best American inventions, period. I think it's right up there with the Model T, Summer Vacation and Tony Danza. Summer is traditionally the time to found up your friends for a good old back yard bash, but let's be real - fall is the best time to have some seared meat to keep us warm. So, if you're a real home-cookin hound, here are 5 awesome spots around Portland to get your ribs on.

Salvage BBQ (Portland)
Located over by Hadlock Field, Salvage is a great pre-baseball game stop (weather permitting, of course). Even in the off season, it's well worth a trip - the food is top notch. Also on offer is a great tap selection, including plenty of local favorites. Another big plus for us is the frequent live music, which happens every Friday and Saturday!

Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill (South Portland)
This famous SoPo BBQ joint is not just famous for its consistent awesomeness, but also it's signature dish, the Elsmere Tornado. Sounds big? It is - consisting of just about everything on the menu chopped up and served on one gargantuan plate, it's an adventure to say the least. They just announced they'll be opening a Portland location, as well, so hooray!

Moe's Original Bar B Cue (South Portland)
Okay, so Moe's might be a chain (coming out of Colorado, of all places), but the two Maine locations, in SoPo and Bangor respectively, are just too good to be left off the list. They offer some ridiculous take-home specials for families, including the Triple Wide Family pack, which can feed up to six people,. good luck fitting all that food in your passenger seat.

Buck's Naked BBQ (Freeport)
Buck's has a legendary reputation around here for a reason. We're still sad about the closing of their Portland location, but we're more than willing to make the trek out to Freeport to have a bite of their wide selection of BBQ'd foods, including an awesome pork cuban.

So there are our picks for BBQ in the greater Portland area! Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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