We all know that Maine is a beautiful state. No matter what the season is, getting outdoors to hike up to the top of the numerous mountains of Maine is one of the best ways to view it.

Michele is the hiker in our relationship, although I've been doing a bit more lately including snowshoeing up Hawk Mountain in Waterford recently. Michele's hardcore though because she does it nearly every weekend. All the hiking she's done has allowed her to discover some mountain trails that not only give her a good amount of exercise, but also reward her with an absolutely stunning view of Maine and New Hampshire when she gets to the top.

She picked five mountains that she has hiked that aren't extremely difficult. Well, it's actually six since two mountains are right next to each other and share the same trail. For the most part the trails are easy to navigate with a few tougher obstacles thrown in here and there, but if you're in decent shape, you shouldn't have much trouble with them. When you get to the end of the trail at the summit of these mountains, the views are nothing short of spectacular.

So here are 5 mountains in western Maine that aren't too terribly difficulty and pay off with a breathtaking view when you get to the top.

5 Mountains To Hike in Western Maine To See Beautiful Views at The Top

Five mountains in Maine that aren't a difficult hike and reward you with some of the most beautiful views in the state.

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