Another New Hampshire winter means a lot of things to a lot of people, but one that tops the list is the rebirth of the magical New Hampshire Ice Castles.

The Ice Castles website even quotes in describing just how amazing it is: "Twinkling and sense defying right out of a fairy tales."

Here are 5 reasons (outside of the fact that when Oprah speaks, most of us listen) why it's time to make those 2022 plans to visit North Woodstock and the miraculous Ice Castles.

1) It's tradition

This awe-inspiring creation has drawn hundreds of thousands since its conception 11 years ago, as the official ice castles website touts.

Whether you'll be seeing them for the first time when they open next month, or the New Hampshire ice castles have been a part of your life since you could walk, it's just that annual event you'll want to venture out to and turn the cold weather into a magical experience.

Truly they're a fairy tale come to life.

2) Ice Artisans are creating new features

They are busy, busy, busy creating a new ice sculpture garden and a fairy village that will light up at night, per the Ice Castles website.

As a matter of fact, the website states that these ice artisans are growing, harvesting, and hand-placing thousands of icicles a day to build this winter wonderland.

3) The castles are filled with ice slides, crawl spaces, and caves, oh my

With a myriad of illuminated fountains, a snow tubing hill, and horse-drawn sleigh rides, the Ice Castles are more than just chunks of pretty ice.

Even the mystic forest light walk will give you shivers of warmth from its beauty.

Your Instagram-perfect photos will be the envy of everyone.

4) It is unique

With only 5 Ice Castles in the entire country, according to the Ice Castles website, how lucky are we to have one of these beautiful adventures in our own back yard.

The others are in Midway, Utah; Brighton, Minnesota; Lake George, New York; and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and they are all the brainchild of one man, founder Brent Christensen, who says on the ice castles website that it's all about making people smile.

I'd say it's working.

5) Create private memories

From proposals to parties, of course, there's a VIP experience in the Artic Alcove where you can enjoy all that the Ice Castles have to offer, plus you're own private area.

For exact directions to Clark Farm Road in North Woodstock, NH, click here, and of course, don't forget to buy your tickets.

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