What did we do to deserve this? Mother Nature has spent the first half of March torturing the entire region of New England, and specifically Maine, with endless piles of snow. As much as two feet dropped from the sky during this latest storm and if you were hoping that THIS WOULD BE IT, you better think again.

Keith Carson of Newscenter Maine dropped the hammer this morning or Twitter, proclaiming that Mainers best keep their eyes on another powerful storm system on track to smash into Vacationland next Tuesday, ironically the first day of Spring.

Without getting into details on how much snow we could expect, he just laid out a picture of the storm and asked if anyone wants to discuss it. The resounding response in our words, "pound sand". The worst part about this impending storm next week is that temperatures are set to bottom out to the lowest they've been in more than a month this weekend, setting up New England for perfect conditions to drop another 10 truckloads of snow all over us.

If you thought it was too late to plan that Spring getaway, you were wrong. The endless winter continues...

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