If you know Maine highways, then you know that when inclement weather hits, the speed limit on those highways usually comes down to 45 mph. But a Twitter gaffe by the Maine Turnpike's official account on Tuesday electrified it's followers and left a portion of the turnpike from Lewiston to Augusta as the unofficial fastest highway on Earth for about 12 minutes.

Naturally, people took a moment to respond after seeing this incredible speed limit change, and their responses were pretty darn clever.

After getting a much larger Twitter reaction than normal, whomever runs the Maine Turnpike Twitter page quickly reposted with the correct speed limit on that section of the turnpike. And while it was a fun buster, it's also important to note that the REAL speed limit change was for a reason and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Speaking of light, maybe some of our extraterrestrial friends were able to take advantage of light speed limits on the Maine Turnpike Tuesday night. In the words of one of the commenters...

Warp speed, Mr. Sulu!

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