Craigslist can be an interesting place to do business. That's what a person from Limington found out over the past couple of days. Initially, an ad was put up by the "seller" offering a free boat and trailer to whomever wanted to meet up and make the exchange. But imagine the surprise when the "seller" woke up the next morning to find that the boat and trailer (along with a motor that wasn't part of the package) was missing from their property.

Shared on Reddit by SaturdayforaSunday, comments weren't exactly in the favor of the "seller" in this situation. Most people commented that if you're going to post something is free and give a location, something like this is likely to happen. While all of that may be true, the "seller" did state in his ad that they would meet whomever was interested and make the exchange.


Since the initial Craigslist posting, the "seller" has updated twice to include security camera footage of the boat being hauled off property as well as an offer. Leave $100 of cold hard cash in their mailbox and they'll call it good. As of this writing, we have no further update on if that offer has been taken up.

Who's side are you on with this tricky situation?

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