Here in Maine, we have our fair share of places on top 10 lists around the country. As almost goes without saying, restaurants and beer account for a great many of them. However, we've just scored another spot on a prestigious list - the top 10 high schools in the country.

As reported by WMTW News-8, The Maine School of Science and Mathematics placed 10th on the list of high schools nationwide with the best science, math, engineering and technology programs. That makes sense, seeing as it's named after those studies.

WMTW also states that the MSSM also placed 19th on the list of best overall high schools in the whole country, which is a huge honor for the small boarding school, which only has a total student body of roughly 150. The only other school in Maine to crack the top 500 schools ranking was Falmouth High School, which placed 328th.

To see how MSSM stacked up against the other top schools in Maine alone, check out WMTW's video dedicated to the new rankings below:

It's always great to see Maine continue to make its mark on the rest of the country. Maybe one day, if we combine what keeps making top 10 lists, we could see the Maine School of Brewing and Restauranteurship snag a number one spot...

... But given the age requirements, that would have to be a graduate program, wouldn't it?



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