How many times does it have to be said? Don't try to beat a train to a crossing! CBS 13 reports that a Pan Am Railways truck collided with a logging truck in Livermore Falls when witnesses say it appeared the driver tired to beat the train to the crossing.

The driver seems to be okay, but a person who helped him out of truck the told CBS 13 that he said "I shouldn't have done that." Ya think?

Look, if the warning lights are flashing at a crossing, STOP! It's pretty simple. This crossing in Livermore Falls in particular is a difficult one to see a train approaching because it passes close to a building and you won't see it until it's at the crossing. That's why they invented this technology of flashing lights over 60 years ago. It works! You just have to have some common sense.

The road was still closed three hours after the accident as workers cleaned up the logs that spilled all over the road and the truck. This train runs from the Rumford paper mill  and goes through town slowly, but they aren't crazy long. If he had stopped he would have waited maybe five minutes tops and not risked his life and disrupted traffic.

Lesson learned right? Let's not have this little talk again okay?

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