Are you ready for a quick trip to Middle-earth? A Maine company based out of Thorndike called Wooden Wonders is the only business in the United States that builds custom Hobbit holes for your kids, your dogs, your chickens or for you to simply live out all of your LARPing fantasies.

Through their website, the company mentions that they take great pride and care in making quality Hobbit holes for those that truly need them in their lives. It can be a perfect playhouse for small children, or a standout shelter for your chickens or pets. There are even bigger Hobbit hole options that allow adults to live out their Lord of the Rings-like dreams. Why not?

Even if you're not into LARPing, the company suggests using a Hobbit Hole for anything ranging from a pool house in your backyard to your very own homemade sauna. They're not exactly cheap, BUT financing options are available as well as a layaway program. So there is hope one of these Hobbit holes could be yours.

So while Sauron may say that you cannot hide, there's a chance you really can, in your very own hobbit hole. Can someone pass the message along to Frodo please?