All over the world as we speak, roommates are arguing about things like rent, eating ones food, leaving messes for others to deal with. It's part of sharing a home with someone. In this case, a man left a dirty towel out in the bathroom.

You may ask how one would deal with a situation like this. Well, one way of course is to sit the person down and explain your frustration. If this is continuously happening and you want to be more aggressive to your point across, maybe you toss the towel in the trash?

Well according to a 54 year old man, the correct way of dealing this situation is to slash the roommates legs continuously with a box cutter. Anger management, anyone? Any idea where this went down? If you guessed Florida, you win! Florida is killing us at making these ridiculous headlines daily. Maine, we need to step up our game.



HIGHLIGHTS:  A 54-year-old guy in Florida got into an argument with his roommate on Thursday over a dirty towel in their bathroom.  So he grabbed a box cutter, started slashing his roommates LEGS, then took off.  He came back as the paramedics were loading his roommate into their ambulance, and was arrested for aggravated battery.



FULL STORY:  Right now, somewhere in the world, two roommates are arguing over a messy bathroom.  Two seconds from now, two other roommates somewhere else in the world will have the same fight.  And that pattern will continue indefinitely.



Fortunately, most roommate bathroom fights don't end like THIS.



54-year-old John Herrick of Cape Coral, Florida was drunk on Thursday night and found his roommate's DIRTY TOWEL in their bathroom.  The two of them started yelling at each other about it . . . and then it escalated.



They started brawling and John was LOSING.  So he grabbed a BOX CUTTER and started slashing his roommate's LEGS with it.  Then he took off on a bike.



The cops and paramedics came to their place, and as the roommate was getting loaded up into the ambulance to head to the hospital for all the cuts on his legs, John wandered back home.



He was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.