The 31-year-old man from Brewer plead no contest to a vicious act of animal cruelty and will no longer be able to own a dog.

It could have been worse for both the 31-year-old Brewer man and the puppy named Phoenix. According to the Bangor Daily News, Jeffrey Mayhew, the man accused of dragging his pit bull puppy behind his truck leading to injuries for the dog, will spend 118 days in jail and will be barred from ever owning a dog again.

Phoenix, the puppy that is now 9 months old, suffered injuries to the chest, paws and hindquarters in the incident that took place back in June. Phoenix has healed, and is currently in the foster-to-adoption program at the Bangor Humane Society.

Attorneys for the 31-year-old man claim that he was impaired before the incident took place. "(he) visited a friend that day and because it was summer, tied the dog to the back bumper. He hurried out, drove off and forgot about the dog. There is no evidence he wanted to hurt the dog". He dragged the dog roughly two-tenths of a mile before stopping.

With the 31-year-old pleading no contest, he avoided a potentially larger fine and up to a year in prison for the charge. He could be released early depending on good behavior.

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