It's an ugly time of year, with snow and ice piling up seemingly every other day. It's already difficult enough to motivate yourself to step out into the tundra and clean up the mess, but imagine for a second if you did talk yourself into snow removal only to find that you're snow blower has been stolen. You might end up doing this. (Some NSFW language in the pic below.)

Reddit via illslapyourpenis
Reddit via illslapyourpenis

Shared on Reddit by illslapyourpenis, someone in Windham had their snowblower stolen from their yard and decided the best course of action would to be ask the public for help. But rather than take to Facebook, they decided a good old fashioned sign on their front yard would do the trick.

We've been checking the comments section of this post for the past couple days in hope of an update on whether or not it has been found. Alas, no luck. But hey, if you have any information on the ***hole that took this person's snowblower on Falmouth Road in Windham, be sure to pass that along to the homeowner. Something tells us they'll truly appreciate it.

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