Everyone is always looking for something new to do, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. So has it ever crossed your mind to go on a moose antler hunt in the mountains of Maine? If your answer was no, you're not alone. But it IS a thing you can do and is listed as a 5-star experience on AirBnb.

Via AirBnB

The hike is offered by a registered Maine guide named Brenda and will take you into the mountains of Maine looking for elusive moose antlers. Brenda promises to share some of her "secret" spots and if you do end up finding some moose antlers along the way, they're absolutely yours to keep. The hike begins at her off-the-grid home in Andover.

Via AirBnB

Brenda details in her AirBnb listing that the hike to find moose antlers will not be an easy one. The experience itself lasts around six hours, and lunch along with some others snacks are provided during the hike.

Beyond just finding shed moose antlers, some that have partaken in the experience have lived out another dream, to actually see a Maine moose in the wild. Commenter Mike mentioned that during the experience he saw a moose at the beginning and end of the excursion. For some people, that's as good as finding the antlers.

So are you up for the challenging hike to find some moose memorabilia?